The good example of 2022

Distributed by the coordination association, Skara municipality and the Swedish employment agency through Christel Martinsson and others.

This year's winner of the award "The good example" has shown a great commitment to social responsibility! This year's winners are permeated by an inclusive climate where everyone is welcome for who they are, where everyone is given the conditions to succeed and grow as people. The employer sees the whole person and supports them in moving from exclusion to community. They are a good example of an employer who, for several years, has made it easier for individuals to gain entry to the labor market.

This year's award The good example goes to Brunsbo Gästgifveri and Gorm Christoffersson

Personnel philosophy

At Brunsbo Gästgifveri, we work with sustainability in many different ways, but our main focus is social sustainability. The business works closely with the employment agency and is connected to people who are a step further away from the labor market.

Thanks to this way of working, we find people with a genuine interest in our industry and with whom we can work together and learn about what is important and fun about the hotel & restaurant industry. We also have collaborations regarding training for the staff, including the apprenticeship training for chefs at the Campus in Lidköping. With the help of this way of working, we have not experienced staff shortages in the same way as many others in the industry.

For us, it is important to also support the staff in personal matters in order to give something back to those who work for us. All profits are reinvested in the business to be able to support more people.

Our ecological village

At Brunsbo Gästgifveri, we have started the eco village, a small village consisting of 8 greenhouses. In and around the greenhouses, we grow vegetables, fruit and berries organically for our self-sufficiency. We don't have to eat meat and fish every day of the week, and the eco village is our way of helping to take the responsibility of inspiring a greener meal. In recent years, this has contributed to more and more people, for example, daring to choose an all-vegan menu for their party or wedding.

The eco-village also contributes to extending the season and spreading tasks throughout the year. The greenhouses are popular as wedding venues and can be used right from the beginning of May to the end of September. During the off-season, what was grown during the season is processed and vegetables are pre-grown in the greenhouses and then planted out in the open. This means that the employees receive meaningful tasks for a greater part of the year, and contributes to us having the opportunity to employ more people full-time.

Our Restaurants

When the in-house produced ingredients are not enough, we support local producers and shop according to season. The menu is divided into five different seasons in one year. On our menu there are different sizes of dishes to choose from – medium or large – all to reduce food waste. The food waste that does end up in our own cycle - it becomes food for the hens who deliver eggs in exchange. What remains from our cultivations is composted and reused as soil, and of course there is waste sorting both in the rooms and in our other operations.

For us, it is important to be able to maintain a reasonable price picture - then we become a price-friendly alternative that also benefits the residents of the area. Our way of working means that we have the opportunity to do this.

More visitors when and where it is not full

Here at Brunsbo there are three main seasons; the cranberry season and Easter, the summer season and the Christmas feast season. To fill the inter-seasons, the eco village is an important piece of the puzzle - various garden conferences are arranged here, which in turn contribute to guest nights in the hotel and guests in the restaurant.


At Brunsbo, we have our own laundry, partly to create more work opportunities, but also to cut transport and have greater control over which products are used in the laundry.


It is easy to get to Brunsbo Gästgifveri by bicycle. Follow the Pilgrimsleden from Skara towards Axvall - it is cycle-friendly all the way to us. For those who come to Skara by public transport, we offer pick-up with the hotel's own bus transfer. Charging posts for electric cars are available at the facility.